Monitor Database Performance for Free!

Oracle Database Dashboard AggreGate Network Manager offers advanced database performance monitoring capabilities. It can monitor health, status and performance metrics of Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and any other DBMS.

Network Manager license for 10 devices is free. This doesn’t mean so much if we’re talking about “classic” network monitoring. However, monitoring ten database servers can mean being able to build company-wide database monitoring project for an SMB!

To activate a free license download AggreGate Network Manager and select Free license type during the installation process.

Will also work for SNMP- and WMI-based metric collection!

Explore the fifth state of aggregation — meet AggreGate 5!

Being available as a preview for longer than a year, AggreGate 5 is now officially released. The fifth generation of AggreGate platform is already being operated in many production systems managing smart devices, IT infrastructures, buildings, and industrial processes.

AggreGate Network Manager, SCADA/HMI, Building Automation, Access Control, and all other vertical market solutions based on the Platform have also got a major upgrade.

Explore the fifth state of aggregation -- meet AggreGate 5!

With the new AggreGate, Tibbo has finalized its search of a common denominator for diverse control and monitoring systems. AggreGate 5 is already the core of many OEM projects in narrow niche markets, such as vending, smart meters, or fleet management. All those projects have added value to flexibility and scalability of the Platform, advancing Network Manager, SCADA/HMI, and other derived products.

Android SDK is Here!

We’ve posted a beta version of AggreGate open-source SDK for Android! In addition to acting as AggreGate Agents, Android devices can now connect to AggreGate servers in ‘Client’ mode.

Here is the download page:

Did you miss it? Let us know!

Socialization News

We’ve just created Facebook and Google+ pages for AggreGate. Welcome!

New docs

Folks, we’ve posted online documentation for AggreGate v5. Check it out:

And well, we’ve far overcame the total of 1000 pages.. it’s now 1300+.

AggreGate v5 Preview

We’ve posted the preview of AggreGate v5 in the downloads section! This preview is not intended for production use, but it illustrates the direction we were moving since November 2011.

Customer-driven development

Similarly to test-driven development, customer-driven development assumes that most features are requested by the clients. That’s the way we’re approaching AggreGate v5. Large ongoing projects force us to add many minor features and improvements that cannot shine when being written to the news list. However, tons of these small things make large projects really “work” and solve their business tasks.

We’re going to update our Case Studies section soon, check back later!

AggreGate 4.5

We’ve celebrated 11.11.11 by publishing a long-awaited AggreGate v4.5. This is a major release that includes official production versions of failover and distributed architecture modules, along with important performance and memory usage optimizations.

The trial version of AggreGate 4.5 is available in the downloads section. Give it a try!

Release 4.43

Today we’re presenting the major release of AggreGate that has been published after several months of active R&D. Its most important features are:

  • Native failover clustering that doesn’t require any third-party software or high-availability technologies built into operating system
  • Distributed architecture helping to group multiple servers divided into several layers to ensure unlimited scalability
  • Support for grouping rows and fields in all Data Tables
  • A large library of dynamic vector symbols designed to build SCADA and building automation displays
  • Statistical Process Control module that stores long-term time series data in a fast and efficient Round-Robin Database (RRD)
  • WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) device driver
  • Several hundreds of smaller improvements and bugfixes

Grouping for rows and fields

We’ve just added a new degree of freedom to AggreGate’s generic table editor that is re-used throughout the system. It now supports row and field grouping:

Row and field grouping

Field grouping

The new editor will be available in v4.43.