Dmitry Moiseev, Account Director of Tibbo Systems, Gave an Interview for IoT Conference Media Service

Dmitry Moiseev's Interview for IoT ConferenceOn September 29th, 2016, the 3rd international “Internet of Things” exhibition and conference will take place in the World Trade Center, Moscow. Shortly before the event, one of the speakers, Dmitry Moiseev from Tibbo Systems, gave an interview exclusively for our media service. Dmitry shared his expert opinion on IoT evolution and told us about IoT implementation possibilities.

Interviewer: Internet of Things Conference (IoT)
Speaker: Dmitry Moiseev (D.M.)

IoT: What is IoT for Tibbo and you in particular: the next stage of Internet development, new economics concept, or a marketing tool?

D.M.: The Internet of Things concept is too broad to include it into a single category. In fact, it’s the result of evolving technologies for collecting, transmitting, and analyzing data (not the result of the Internet development in its traditional meaning), irrespective of whether these technologies are a part of the Internet. We at Tibbo Systems look at it from the practical point of view. We got used to M2M communications and are broadly using them for designing IoT solutions now. Marketing nowadays converts a plain thing into a hot item. I also believe that the IoT traction came from such successful marketing activities.

IoT: What prospects does IoT bring to both global industry leaders and Russian startups?

D.M.: The world is globalizing now, and this process is speeding up at an incredibly fast pace. Large companies, which are somehow bound up with IoT, are trying to take part in its development. The Internet of Things allows aggregating various technologies, suppliers, and diverse services into a single solution. It brings in new business models and marketplaces. IoT is also a brilliant chance for startups.

IoT: Where can IoT be implemented and how will it influence our everyday life?

D.M.: IoT has proved to be useful in a wide variety of economic sectors: medicine, energetics, production, agriculture, transport, finance, and even household. At present, the effect of employing IoT is not so traceable, though in the future this technology will help us to treat the environment more carefully, cut production costs, enhance quality and quantity of provided services, as well as control all processes more accurately.

IoT: How is IoT evolving in the agriculture field? Can you give an example of IoT technologies implemented in this industry?

D.M.: In the Russian past, agriculture was always treated as a field absorbing the latest technologies with a delay. However, now this sector is experiencing the tech boom, and considering the shortage of farming land, we must use the current resources as effectively as possible. The IoT can assist in organizing all production stages from soil and seed preparation and planting to harvesting, storage, and processing. Our company has successfully implemented a number of such projects. The most interesting one, in my opinion, is raw materials state monitoring system deployed together with our partner, Rusagro Company. Rusagro took the lead in implementing game-changing technologies in agriculture, so we built the system allowing real-time raw materials state monitoring, as well as event forecasting.

International Tibbo holding sets the pace in hardware and software solutions, including IoT technologies for process automation, IT infrastructure monitoring, remote control, and data center supervision. Tibbo Systems specializes in developing the unique AggreGate IoT Integration Platform and is now an official sponsor of the annual “Internet of Things” conference dedicated to the leading-edge IoT developments.

Join us at the IoT Conference 2016! September 29, 2016, World Trade Center, Moscow, booth # 13.

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Internet of Things Conference 2016. September 29, MoscowThe number 13 isn’t that unlucky! For us it’s a good number as 13 is the number of our booth at the mega IoT event of upcoming autumn called “Conference. Expo. Meetup 2016” where, furthermore, Tibbo is an official sponsor. Join us and try the Internet of Things by learning Tibbo Project Systems & AggreGate IoT Platform!

September 29, 2016, World Trade Center, Moscow, booth # 13.

Victor Polyakov, CEO of Tibbo Systems, at the Main Industrial Trade Fair of Russia, INNOPROM 2016

Victor Polyakov, CEO of Tibbo Systems, took part in several key sessions at the main industrial trade fair of Russia, INNOPROM 2016. It was held from 11th to 14th July 2016 in Ekaterinburg.

At the conference on Industrial Internet Future in Russia and Worldwide, he spoke about two main problems that hinder industrial Internet and IoT development in this country.

At the forsyth-session called “Eurasian Digital Platforms: to Be or Not to Be?”, Victor brought his point of view regarding Russian status in digital transformation environment. In addition, he told about the correlation between industry platforms and end-to-end IoT platforms.

At the Round Table on Internet of Things Technologies for Cities, Victor Polyakov reported on Smart City IQ increasing and IoT platform role in that process. He also expressed an expert commentary on Urban IoT priority issues.

Please get sight of photos from the event below:

SPIEF 2016. Industry 4.0 Discussion with German Industrial Leaders

Victor Polyakov, CEO of Tibbo Systems, has joined St. Petersburg International Economic Forum and participated a Russia-Germany business roundtable devoted to Industry 4.0.

The event was moderated by Prof. Klaus Mangold, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, TUI AG.

Key speakers of the event were:

  • Gunther Herman Oettinger, Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society at the European Commission
  • Stefan Hoechbauer, President for Middle and Eastern Europe, SAP SE
  • Dr. Wolfgang Buchele, Chief Executive Officer, Member of the Executive Board, Linde AG
  • Alexey Mordashov, Chairman, Severstal
  • Alexander Morozov, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation
  • Dr. Hans Martin Schabert, Chairman of the Management Board, Vossloh AG
  • Klaus Schaefer, Chairman of the Management Board, Uniper AG
  • Harald Schwager, Member of the Board of Executive Directors, BASF SE

Take a look at photos and video translation of the event below.

Victor’s speech starts at 30th minute.

* Photo by: © Roscongress Foundation, 2016

AggreGate at the XXIII Coal Mining Technologies International Exhibition “Coal of Russia and Mining”

AggreGate at the XXIII coal mining technologies international exhibition Coal of Russia and Mining Our partner Ilma Machine-building company took part at the XXIII coal mining technologies international exhibition “Coal of Russia and Mining”, which was held from 7 to 10 June in Novokuznetsk. Ilma, among their other products, presented the road heading equipment monitoring project based on AggreGate IoT integration platform.

More than 10 000 people visited the exhibition. Among them, there were 95% of experts representing coal mining, machinery, metallurgy, and other fields from various Russian cities and other countries.

At Ilma booth, business leaders paid attention to data/distance measuring equipment and AggreGate SCADA-based visualization system that facilitates heading machine control and allows headwork rate and efficiency evaluation.

Change of AggreGate SCADA/HMI licensing policy

Change of AggreGate SCADA licensing policyAfter thinking hard and discussing the matter with our partners worldwide, we’ve ended up with changing AggreGate SCADA/HMI licensing policy. From now on it doesn’t matter how many devices you have. AggreGate SCADA is now licensed by tags (which are sometimes called I/O channels). The price is given per one AggreGate server depending on tag count.

Are you using a free 3 devices version of SCADA? It is now available as a free version for 100 tags on download page.