Message Stream Driver

We’ve just released a new AggreGate device driver that enables to monitor any ASCII data coming via a Serial port or a TCP/UDP connection.

Suppose we have a device that sends an ASCII data stream. Let it be a remote GPS receiver connected via TCP 1001 port, which will be sending us its coordinates once per second. Each string ends with a newline character '\n'.

Using the driver is extremely easy.

Create a Message Stream device, configure it:

Now you can access values coming in each line via device properties:

Tibbo at The Knowledge Olympic Games SENAI-SC 15

AggreGate was introduced at the biggest Professional Education knowledge competition in America, The Knowledge Olympic Games ‪SENAI‬-SC 15.

Up to 100 students of ‪‎Industrial Automation‬, PCP, Design and Network & Computing took part of the speech about ‪‎IoT‬ and ‪‎AggreGate Platform‬. It was given two speeches, attending in total 200 qualified spectators, including Students and Professors.

As a result the university coordination of SENAI asked us to present AggreGate to the key professors and staff. They demanded opportunity to use ‪‎Tibbo‬ products to help students develop their innovation projects at university.

Now dashboards can be built and edited on-the-fly!

Previously it required such actions as opening dashboard features, changing configuration of certain elements, saving changes, reopening the same panel, etc.

From now on a dashboard user can open it in a thick client and edit live: drag-n-drop elements, change their location, size and other options.

A new dashboard editor in AggreGate

For more information on AggreGate Platform features please visit our website or try getting a trial version from the Downloads section.

Participation in IoT Conference

Tibbo took part in the Internet of Things Conference arranged on October 29 in the Courtyard Marriott Moscow City Center Hotel. It has become a significant event in the Internet of Everything world. The event has brought together a great number of well-known IoT industry experts.

The conference program consisted of two parts: Daily Life IoT and Industrial IoT. In the Industrial IoT section our CEO, Victor Polyakov, introduced the ‘Anatomy of the Internet of Things’ presentation, which was very appreciated by the visitors.

The Tibbo AggreGate booth has drawn great public attention. All visitors got a chance to try the Internet of Things by managing a Lego model sorting balls of various color. The control was available via a smartphone-ready web app.

Having been involved in this event, Tibbo gained very exciting and productive experience. We’ve discussed the collaboration prospects with potential partners, as well as met new interesting people and IT professionals.