Participation in IoT Conference

Tibbo took part in the Internet of Things Conference arranged on October 29 in the Courtyard Marriott Moscow City Center Hotel. It has become a significant event in the Internet of Everything world. The event has brought together a great number of well-known IoT industry experts.

The conference program consisted of two parts: Daily Life IoT and Industrial IoT. In the Industrial IoT section our CEO, Victor Polyakov, introduced the ‘Anatomy of the Internet of Things’ presentation, which was very appreciated by the visitors.

The Tibbo AggreGate booth has drawn great public attention. All visitors got a chance to try the Internet of Things by managing a Lego model sorting balls of various color. The control was available via a smartphone-ready web app.

Having been involved in this event, Tibbo gained very exciting and productive experience. We’ve discussed the collaboration prospects with potential partners, as well as met new interesting people and IT professionals.

Tibbo OPC server

We've just released a new OLE for Process Control (OPC) server that enables any OPC clients to get data from AggreGate's unified data model, as well as any underlying devices and data sources. Any OPC compliant application such as a process historian, an ERP/MES system or a reporting tool, can read or write to all data points that are available within AggreGate Server.

Tibbo AggreGate OPC server configurator Tibbo AggreGate OPC server

You can try the OPC Server by getting it from our Download section. Don’t forget that any your feedback is much appreciated. Mail us to

Victor Polyakov: Future trends for the Industrial Internet of Things

Victor Polyakov, CEO of Tibbo Systems Industrial Internet of Things is a new milestone in contemporary industrialization which redistributes manufacturing companies' impact on the market.

Industrial Internet of Things is mainly interesting to enterprises seeking for leadership by prices dumping and cost optimization. It's becoming possible now due to production automation and raw materials economy through integration with intelligent systems.

Victor Polyakov, CEO of Tibbo Systems, the main Russian software company developing enterprise-grade monitoring systems, told the organizers of the professional “Internet of Things” conference taking place in Moscow, October 29th, more about Internet of Things prospects. Continue reading Victor Polyakov: Future trends for the Industrial Internet of Things