Dmitry Moiseev, Tibbo Systems: Practical Use of IoT in Creating Cloud Services

Dmitry Moiseev will give a speech at IoT World Summit Russia 2017 in SMART industry stream with the theme "Creating a cloud service for predictive maintenance of electric motors".

Tibbo Systems is a leading Russian developer of software for control and monitoring systems. The company provides services for the implementation, maintenance and improvement of software and hardware and software complexes created on the basis of the Tibbo AggreGate platform.

IoT World Summit Russia 2017Dmitry Moiseev will talk about the practical use of IoT technologies for creating cloud services by remote monitoring and equipment management and about the role of IoT platforms. In addition, we will talk about options of creating own service for a large company or a small enterprise producing industrial equipment.

September, 19-20. Innopolis, Kazan, Russia. Learn more on IoT World Summit official website.

Tibbo Systems at CROC Vendor’s Day

August 30, our company took part at CROC Vendor’s Day – event organized for Russian and international IT vendors, CROC experts, and social media representatives. It has become the forum for business dialogue concerning innovative technologies.

During the conference, more than 30 vendors presented their cutting-edge solutions in the field of IoT, Blockchain, IT monetizing, process digitalization, energy efficiency, and security. Tibbo Systems CEO, Victor Polyakov shared his opinion on IoT platform role in custom solutions development by system integrators comparing the process with Lego bricks assembling.

Our colleagues had the opportunity to get acquainted with AggreGate IoT Integration Platform at our exhibition stand. And those who already know it could learn Tibbo news. 😉

We should say it was great! We thank CROC Company for the flawless event organization.

DC 2017: We will Discuss Prospects of IoT Technologies Implementation in Datacenters

Victor Polyakov, CEO of Tibbo Systems, will participate in Data Center Conference 2017 Tibbo Systems CEO, Victor Polyakov will take part in the annual “Datacenters” conference. Over the last 11 years, it has become the most important Russian event for those who project, construct, and operate datacenters.

The main forum tasks are knowledge and experience exchange, discussion of global and industry trends influencing vital corporate information infrastructures development. Information systems operation efficiency and reliability enhancement are on the agenda.

Together with participants of “IoT technologies challenges and possibilities in datacenters” discussion, Victor will talk about IoT market volume in Russia, its influence on datacenter industry, the perspective of IoT monitoring systems aimed at datacenter operation improvement. He will also take up the following theme: transformation of datacenter infrastructure as a result of IoT platform development and 5G network appearance. Tibbo CEO will show successful implementation cases of Tibbo Systems datacenter monitoring and management system as well.

September 13, 2017, Moscow, Digital October Center.
bldg. 3, 6, Bersenevskaya embankment, “Kropotkinskaya”, “Polyanka” or “Tretyakovskaya” metro stations.

AggreGate IoT Solutions for Telecom Industry

AggreGate IoT solutions for Telecom industry, telecom infrastructure monitoring and management Why do our partners complete highly tailored projects for the world’s largest telecom operators in a very short time?

AggreGate is a heart of any umbrella IT infrastructure solution. Having a unique underlying platform, it offers a huge set of data storage processing and visualization tools with many other management/monitoring solutions (SCADA/BMS, Access Control, etc.) They are not just integrated but share the same data model.

Have a go with AggreGate IoT Solutions for Telecom Industry and let your IT teams enjoy the benefits of a real-time telecom infrastructure management.

Looking for a Cost-Effective IoT Solution for Energy Management?

AggreGate IoT Solutions for Power Engineering It seems, you’ve finally found it!

AggreGate SCADA/HMI and other AggreGate-based products recognize a wide range of power engineering tasks, such as vendor-agnostic supervisory control for power generation facilities, remote monitoring and automation of substations, advanced energy metering and statistical reporting, usage analytics, supply and demand management.

Make sure of that by learning our case studies:

  • Automating steam turbine operation system for one of the largest sugar producers in the world »»
  • Centralized incident monitoring and management system for a large-scale electric grid company in Moscow »»
  • Distributed real-time data acquisition system for the nuclear research reactor of Kurchatov Institute »»

Tibbo Systems at VIII Stolypin Conference: Working on Socioeconomic Region Development

Dimitri Moiseev, Tibbo Systems deputy CEO, took part in VIII Stolypin Conference "Economics of Siberian Region: Prioritizing". It was held in Barnaul in the middle of July. More than 500 participants came here from various Russian regions. Federal and foreign experts, Federation Council members, executive authority representatives, Duma members, and farmers were present here.

Altai Territory Governor Alexander Karlin opened the conference highlighting that suggestions presented during the last meeting were applied practically by public management.

This year, conference agenda was really tight: innovative development of the Siberian territory, monotowns, agro-industrial complex and other vital themes.

Dimitri Moiseev gave a speech at the session called “Socioeconomic Development Strategies – Horizon 2035”. Dimitri spoke about IoT technologies implementation to Russian agro-industrial complex facilities and successful Tibbo Systems projects that allowed its customers to increase productivity and cut expences up to 20%.

Dimitri also expressed his opinion on precise agriculture prospectives and vital conditions of regional agriculture development. The brief outline of his report was included into the resolution summarizing the conference results. They will form recommendations to facility management and Altai Territory government.

Learn more about AggreGate IoT solutions for Agriculture.

Tibbo Roadshow in Bulgaria

Tibbo Systems team led by CEO Victor Polyakov is now on a roadshow in Bulgaria in order to get closer to Tibbo partners and customers.

Until August 2 we are in Bulgaria. It would be great to meet you to discuss possible partnership and have a good time.

If you’re a system integrator, software distributor or OEM/ODM manufacturer looking for IoT solution, feel free to contact us and arrange the meeting:

  • Victor Polyakov, CEO:
  • Anton Grachevnikov, IT Management Solutions Engineer:
  • Dmitry Gromov, SCADA/HMI Solutions Engineer:

Tibbo Roadshow in Bulgaria

Why Become Tibbo Partner?

AggreGate Server on Nanopi NEO

We’ve tested AggreGate Server on Nanopi NEO, one of the smallest Linux-based single-board PCs.

Despite its small size, this device simply rules! It has RAM 512 Mb on board, 1,2 GHz quad-core CPU, 10/100M Ethernet network interface, and many other interfaces to connect the world.

AggreGate possibilities on the NEO board are similar to Linux-based Tibbo Project System. It can act as a simple close-knit protocol gateway with intermediate data processing.

AggreGate Server on Nanopi NEO

Check it infrastructure monitoring tools, industrial automation software and other AggreGate IoT solutions on our website.