Tibbo Systems Wins IoT Awards 2019

On April 25 the first professional award called IoT Awards 2019 was presented as part of IoT Tech Spring 2019.

The purpose of the award is to encourage and promote the best business practices and IoT technologies in various sectors of economy.

We won “IoT in Industry” Awards for the best solutions in the field of industrial automation and process control.

Being very pleased with the success we’re going to further improve AggreGate IoT platform and develop new high-tech IoT solutions to enable best business projects implementation by our partners.

Take a look at the photo-report from IoT Awards 2019 and check our IoT solutions and case studies for manufacturing companies.

Smart Energy Summit 2019. What it Was Like

What is the significance of innovative technologies and energy market adaptation to new digital realities? What main global trends have emerged in today’s power engineering industry? Is it a truth or a myth that energy is for big business only, and small businesses can’t engage with it?

Together with Summit participants, we discussed these and many other issues as well as prospects for the distributed and industrial energy development, energy-efficient buildings and cities, intellectual utilities. We’ve also spoken of the role of big data and analytics in IoT platforms future.

See Smart Energy Summit 2019 overview on smartenergysummit.ru.

Tibbo Systems is an Official Partner of Smart Energy Summit 2019

Tibbo Systems will participate в Smart Energy Summit 2019 AggreGate IoT Platform and derived products deliver end-to-end solutions to diverse vertical markets. Power engineering is one of our reference directions.

That is why we are sure to participate in Smart Energy Summit 2019 that will take place on March 26-27 in Moscow. The conference will bring together true experts in power engineering. Leading edge technologies, solutions and case studies will be presented within different conference sections.

Within digitalization section of the conference, Tibbo Systems’ Business Development Director Alexander Dolbnev will speak about big data and analytics role in IoT platforms future.

Tibbo’s booth will present our best projects implementations as a demonstration of AggreGate based power engineering digitalization.

See you at Smart Energy Summit! March 26-27, Moscow, Danilovsky Event hall.


AggreGate Meets Business Challenges in a Variety of Vertical Markets. Completed projects

Tibbo's partner network includes distributors, OEM manufacturers and system integrators from more than 50 countries.

We've carefully screened the AggreGate deployments and described the most interesting projects completed by our partners from diverse industries across the globe.

Take a look at our best IoT projects and find a solution for your business.

Tibbo AggreGate Projects List

Tibbo Systems Gets ISO 27000 Certification

ISO 27000 CertificationWe’re happy to say our company has achieved accredited certification to ISO 27000 (Information Security Management System GOST R ISO/IEC 27001-2006 (ISO/IEC 27001:2005).

The certificate demonstrates high information security level of Tibbo Systems due to best software solutions and effective organization practices.

Successful auditing and high expert assessment safeguard our partners and customers adequate data integrity and security.

Tibbo Systems Gets ISO 27000 Certification

It is to be recalled that last year our company successfully passed QMS audit to prove the compliance with ISO 9001:2015 requirements as evidenced by the corresponding Certificate.

Silicon Review Recognizes Tibbo Systems as One of the 50 Innovative Companies to Watch

Victor Polyakov, CEO, Tibbo SystemsTibbo Systems has been named as one of the world’s 50 innovative companies to watch by the Silicon Review community.

The Silicon Review is the world’s most trusted online and print community for business & technology professionals. Our community members include thought-provoking CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, IT VPs and managers, along with jillions of diverse business professionals.

It is the pre-eminent platform that shares innovative enterprise solutions developed by established solution providers and upcoming hot enterprises emphasizing as a neutral source for decision makers. This is the place where senior level buyers and decision-makers come to learn and also share their experiences in regards to products, technologies and technology trends. They get an expert advice to manage their people and advance their careers. One can engage with one another and our proficient editors help you to grasp new and big ideas, find answers to their business and technology questions and solve their most pressing hindrances.

Providing a story for the magazine’s issue, Tibbo Systems Managing Director Victor Polyakov presents the key product - AggreGate IoT Integration Platform and derived solutions. Also he speaks about Tibbo’s history and AggreGate Platform’s evolution steps, as well as ways to adapt to a complex and volatile market and compete on it.

Tibbo Systems has a mature technology alliance program targeting certification of device vendors, communication service providers and industry-specific analytical solution providers. Open nature of AggreGate IoT platform and its numerous extension points helps Tibbo team to jointly cover large-scale initiatives in smart cities, smart energy and other domains.

This year Tibbo Systems is launching a new large product allowing telecoms and MSPs to build a PaaS infrastructure and IoT services in their network and cloud, as well as develop and maintain an ecosystem of technology partners.

Other coming product launches are related to physical security information management, data orchestration and IoT business intelligent.

Tibbo’s strategic plan assumes it will get publicly listed in a couple of years. The company scales its processes to keep up with the high CAGR that it is coping with since 2010.

Read the whole article.

AggreGate 5.6. New era of server modularity, web friendliness and proprietary hardware support

AggreGate 5.6. New era of server modularity, web friendliness and proprietary hardware support In version 5.6, the AggreGate platform has become even more user-friendly and web-oriented.

AggreGate Store is our new approach to deployment of AggreGate servers in your network. Now you can distribute your own AggreGate applications for the use in your corporate network or on public access. Download and plug in only the modules and solutions that are required for your project. Add them when necessary as your project grows. Optimize your system resources.

Flexible device driver acts as a "driver construction kit". It allows to connect devices that use proprietary protocols by performing deep configuration of the system. It eliminates the need for development of a dedicated device driver in the Java programming language.

Welcome a new analytics tool in the AggreGate toolbox – the event correlator – a powerful streaming data processing engine! The correlator is designed for real-time data analyzing and processing, finding specific patterns, identifying trends and much more.

JavaScript API is a long-awaited AggreGate API for the most popular programming language. Now you can create modern web interfaces and interact with the server in the same language – JavaScript.

AggreGate web interface is given the ability to function autonomously, being managed by the Tomcat web server. A web application that is deployed separately is not bound to a specific server but can connect to any other server.

The license checking process can now be centralized and automated by the integration with a license server. AggreGate server administrators no longer need to monitor and manually modify the validity period of plugins included in a license.

Other major improvements include:

  • New Data Table types
  • Memory Watchdog
  • Self Monitoring Dashboard
  • Storage Upgrade
  • Deeper Permission Control
  • UI Customization
  • Scaling in UI Builder
  • Avatar Driver for allows working with another server’s devices as if they were available locally, etc.

Please check detailed information on the new 5.6 release, download AggreGate IoT Platform and let us know how it works for you!

Get AggreGate 5.6