Victor Polyakov Presents Tibbo Systems at Moxa IIoT Solution Partner Forum in Seoul

Another great day in May was marked for Tibbo Systems by its successful debut at Moxa IIoT Solution Partner Forum in Seoul. The company illustrated to the forum participants what can be done if you combine the modular IoT platform with the equipment by the world leader with a 30 year experience in industrial automation systems.

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MOXA and Tibbo Systems: Together Towards Edge Analytics

Tibbo Systems and Moxa have signed a Memorandum of cooperationTibbo Systems and Moxa signed a memorandum of understanding in April 2019. How can our customers and business partners benefit from this partnership?

Moxa Inc. is one of the world leading developers and manufacturers of Edge connectivity, industrial computing, and network infrastructure solutions for industrial control systems with over 30 years of experience in various industries and enable the connectivity for the Industrial Internet of Things.

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AggreGate Training in Iran

AggreGate training held in the atmosphere of oriental hospitality… What could be better? Our IT Management Solutions Architect, Anton Grachevnikov, returned from Tehran having trained our Iranian partner SGI to use AggreGate IoT Platform for implementing projects in various industries.

And this has already borne fruit as we are facing a few interesting joint projects! Some of them involve our partners from other countries. We will definitely tell you about these forthcoming projects soon.

Meanwhile, we remind you that you can also become a certified AggreGate engineer and take full advantage of the Internet of Things by getting trained in your home country (we will happily fly to your place 🙂 ) or in our European office.

Check the information about the training options here:

AggreGate Training in Iran for SGI Company

Let’s Study AggreGate Together!

Worldwide partners training is the indispensable part of Tibbo partner program.

Despite detailed AggreGate software documentation, customers may not know how to solve a particular problem. Moreover, some scenarios need a set of IoT Platform features.

We enable customers resolving difficult tasks and give all necessary information for successful system deployment, and project implementation on its basis. We provide training both in our office and at the customer’s site.

Find all training possibilities on our official website or contact our team.

Pictured: our IIoT Solutions Architect Dmitry Gromov meeting US partners from UAS Company. We were glad to see you again! 🙂

Tibbo AggreGate Training for UAS Company

AggreGate Technical Training for EnAutomation & Tezmaksan

Dmitry Gromov, SCADA Solutions Engineer of Tibbo Systems, enjoyed visiting EnAutomation Company, Tibbo’s Partner in Istanbul, with AggreGate technical training for Tezmaksan. Our Turkish friends has been truly hospitable and nice 🙂 That’s why the training wasn’t just useful, but also a lot of fun.

If you are also interested in having an on-site training or wanna learn more about partnership with Tibbo Systems, please contact us here:

AggreGate at the XXIII Coal Mining Technologies International Exhibition “Coal of Russia and Mining”

AggreGate at the XXIII coal mining technologies international exhibition Coal of Russia and Mining Our partner Ilma Machine-building company took part at the XXIII coal mining technologies international exhibition “Coal of Russia and Mining”, which was held from 7 to 10 June in Novokuznetsk. Ilma, among their other products, presented the road heading equipment monitoring project based on AggreGate IoT integration platform.

More than 10 000 people visited the exhibition. Among them, there were 95% of experts representing coal mining, machinery, metallurgy, and other fields from various Russian cities and other countries.

At Ilma booth, business leaders paid attention to data/distance measuring equipment and AggreGate SCADA-based visualization system that facilitates heading machine control and allows headwork rate and efficiency evaluation.