Technical training to Triad Systems Engineering, US

A member of our deployment team, Antony Logoyskiy, has recently visited Sterling, DC for technical training to Triad Systems Engineering, our new partner in the US.

The one-week training and hands-on experience were dedicated to using AggreGate Platform and SCADA/HMI as an umbrella management system.

TSE engineers were quite impressed by AggreGate solution flexibility. The most excited part of training was dedicate to developing of visualization. TSE team mentioned the extremely comfortable, useful and easy tool for building widgets and dashboards. Almost all end-customer requests can be implemented in short time.

During this training session we connected all PLCs which are used in production to AggreGate Platform and built several widgets and dashboards for monitoring and management these PLCs.

AggreGate technical training for TSE

Please visit Training and Education website section for more details on our technical trainings terms and capabilities.

AggreGate Trainig in Barcelona

A senior member of our development team, Daniel Baskakov, has recently visited sunny Barcelona for technical training to GTD, our new partner in the region. The two-week training and hands-on experience were dedicated to using AggreGate Platform and SCADA/HMI as an umbrella management system in the Port of Barcelona.

GTD engineers were quite impressed by AggreGate solution capabilities. The learning process was successful and real fun!

AggreGate technical training for GTD

AggreGate technical training is normally conducted on-site and adopted to the needs of a specific project. Visit Training and Education website section for more details.

Tibbo Systems has become an official member of StarNet Alliance

Tibbo Systems has become an official member of StarNet Alliance Tibbo has partnered with StarNet Alliance, an alliance of the largest IoT market participants in the Eurasian continent and developer of the first LPWA network within the territory of Russia, Belarus, Poland and Finland, with roaming in Spain, France, the Netherlands, the UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy, China and Philippines.

Tibbo is assumed to provide AggreGate as a technological platform for various projects in the Internet of Things domain tailored to LPWA. Low Power, Wire Area networks (LPWA) offer new opportunities for intelligent inter-machinery exchange keeping online presence costs as low as a few dollars per year.

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AggreGate technical training for Sputnik-Integration LLC

Tibbo office was recently visited by our new partner, Sputnik-Integration LLC. The visit aimed a week-long AggreGate technical training tailored to industrial automation projects such as oil derrick and oil terminal automation. Sputnik engineers were impressed by AggreGate SCADA's capabilities and very satisfied of the learning process.

Citing Mikael Puchnin, Head of Development Department: "AggreGate Platform is a non-typical system with rich functionality. Thus we've decided to study the product deeply and thoroughly. The system's completely met our expectations! It's a very flexible tool understanding various hardware pieces and software datasources. It allows to create scalable applications. We were really impressed by AggreGate solutions and will use the system for our projects."

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New Co-Marketing Strategy Within our Partnership Program

Dear Partners! We are happy to inform you that in an effort to mutually profitable partnership we've improved our Partner Program conditions for compensating your marketing costs on national markets. New conditions are applicable to Gold/Platinum partners, as well as all Authorized partners. Contact us to discuss the details.

Training Course Discount till February 2015!

During December 2014 and January 2015 we offer 50% off for four-day AggreGate Technical Training that takes place in your office! The regular price for this training course is US$ 2500, thus the price gets down to US$ 1250 (+ travel and lodging expenses).

The training consists of both classroom concepts and hands-on training related to mastering all aspects of system structure, deployment, administration, configuration, and visual development of data processing and visualization tools. The lessons assume physical configuration of AggreGate components and solution of simplified real-life tasks.

Each attendee who has successfully completed the training becomes a Certified AggreGate Engineer. The certificates are sent to the Partner within 10 days after the end of the training.

Get more information about the training or contact us to check availability for specific dates or request full training program.