AggreGate 4.5

We've celebrated 11.11.11 by publishing a long-awaited AggreGate v4.5. This is a major release that includes official production versions of failover and distributed architecture modules, along with important performance and memory usage optimizations. The trial version of AggreGate 4.5 is available in the downloads section. Give it a try!

Release 4.43

Today we're presenting the major release of AggreGate that has been published after several months of active R&D. Its most important features are:
  • Native failover clustering that doesn't require any third-party software or high-availability technologies built into operating system
  • Distributed architecture helping to group multiple servers divided into several layers to ensure unlimited scalability
  • Support for grouping rows and fields in all Data Tables
  • A large library of dynamic vector symbols designed to build SCADA and building automation displays
  • Statistical Process Control module that stores long-term time series data in a fast and efficient Round-Robin Database (RRD)
  • WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) device driver
  • Several hundreds of smaller improvements and bugfixes

Single Installer

We've joined AggreGate Server and AggreGate Client into one installation bundle. If you need to manage your server from the same machine it's running on, you don't need to complete two installation procedures anymore. And of course, AggreGate Client is still available as a separate bundle. Get the latest release in the downloads section!

Smart SNMP polling

We've designed and implemented a new SNMP polling algorithm that helps to greatly decrease device synchronization time.
When adding an SNMP device account, this algorithm quickly detects MIBs the device supports and allows operator to select ones to be monitored. After that, only OIDs defined in the selected MIBs will be polled.
However, if you want to obtain all SNMP variables provided by device, you always fall back to original SNMP walk method.

Release 4.41

After a month of intensive development, we're presenting AggreGate v4.41. It finally provides support for grouping device settings, operations and events. This feature greatly simplifies servicing devices that have thousands of settings, such as SNMP-enabled routers, BACnet controllers, Java application servers (JMX device driver), etc.

The new release delivers over 200 improvements and fixes for AggreGate core and different modules, so we suggest to upgrade your installation.