AggreGate IoT Solutions for Transportation and Logistics

AggreGate IoT Solutions for Transportation and LogisticsNew transportation, distribution and logistics processes make it easier than ever to deliver goods by land, sea or air while managing schedules, routes and hazards on the go. Real-time analytics ensures awareness of quickly changing conditions, helping to make fast though informed decisions. This results in higher operations efficiency and better customer service.

However, keeping up with today's ever-expanding volume of shipments is a real challenge in the quickly globalizing world. Millions of M2M devices have short talks to command centers via cellular and satellite links, requiring employment of new-gen Mobile Device Management technologies for getting end-to-end operations visibility.

Here is where AggreGate IoT Solutions for Transportation and Logistics come in handy.

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Tibbo Roadshow. Greetings from Sunny and Hospitable Vietnam!

Tibbo Systems Roadshow in Vietnam Past 3 days in Ho Chi Minh, we had talks with many engineering companies, system integrators, and came to an agreement on forthcoming projects.

We also visited Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education and discussed AggreGate implementation as a part of the university modernization, as well as our system inclusion into the educational programme.

Today we are heading to Hanoi where a plenty of meetings were scheduled. We hope we will create new opportunities for our IIoT Platform implementation.

We’ll keep you informed!

Let’s Study AggreGate Together!

Worldwide partners training is the indispensable part of Tibbo partner program.

Despite detailed AggreGate software documentation, customers may not know how to solve a particular problem. Moreover, some scenarios need a set of IoT Platform features.

We enable customers resolving difficult tasks and give all necessary information for successful system deployment, and project implementation on its basis. We provide training both in our office and at the customer’s site.

Find all training possibilities on our official website or contact our team.

Pictured: our IIoT Solutions Architect Dmitry Gromov meeting US partners from UAS Company. We were glad to see you again! 🙂

Tibbo AggreGate Training for UAS Company

Tibbo Systems Roadshow in Vietnam

Worldwide roadshows have become a good tradition for our company. There is nothing better than face-to-face contact for business communication. It helps to understand region markets better, learn partners and customers requirements, as well as find collaboration possibilities.

This time, Tibbo team is going to Vietnam to meet our partners in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.

Looking for the best IoT solution for your business? In this case, let’s meet!

  • Ho Chi Minh - December 5-7
  • Hanoi - December 8-12

Contact our team:

  • Anton Grachevnikov, IT Management Solutions Engineer:
  • Vesta Koroleva, Business Development Manager:

Tibbo Systems Roadshow in Vietnam

Which country will be the next? Follow our news! 😉

AggreGate Takes Care of the Environment

AggreGate SCADA has become the basis for unique MonEco hardware and software complex developed by Insight Company.

The main tasks of the complex are to meter and fix readings of pollutant emissions volume, mass, and concentration, as well as transmit the data to government according to the law. In other words, AggreGate helps to protect the environment during enterprise performance, use nature recources efficiently, restore them, and comply with the requirements in the field of environmental protection.

As a reminder, according to the federal act “On Protection of Environment", the projected systems like that should include basic automatic facilities that record and transmit data on pollutant emissions volume, mass, and concentration, as well as pollutants discharge to state ecological monitoring database.

MonEko Project based on AggreGate SCADA/HMI Delving into the technical aspects, the following system features can be highlighted:

  • data collection from sensors and other equipment via standard protocols (Modbus, OPC);
  • monitored parameters transmission to state ecological monitoring database;
  • detection of monitored values threshold violation, alert generation;
  • alert notifications (E-mail, SMS, XML);
  • data representation in form of HMIs at operator workstation;
  • automatic processing, logging, and storage of incoming data;
  • report creation, export, and printout;
  • facility and network infrastructure troubleshooting;
  • software access control

Tibbo Systems Has Achieved ISO 9001 Accreditation

Tibbo Systems has Achieved ISO 9001 Accreditation We are proud to announce that we have been accredited with the world’s most recognized quality management standard – ISO 9001.

The ISO 9001 standard is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement.

Quality is at the core of our company values and achieving the transition to the new standard is an additional confirmation for it.

Tibbo Systems has getting ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

Can Digitalization Be a Goal in Itself?

Victor Polyakov's interview for Energetics and Production journal In the expert interview for “Power Engineering and Industry” journal, Tibbo Systems CEO Victor Polyakov talked about the new industrial revolution, digital transformation in energetics, and its influence on cybersecurity.

Victor also presented AggreGate IoT Platform. It becomes the perfect alternative to extremely irrational option – system development “from scratch”.

Read the article in Russian (# 20 (328) October 2017, page 13).

Energetics and Production journal, October 2017

German-Russian Talks in Baden-Baden – Creating Digital Future Together

Taking part in German-Russian events dedicated to Industry 4.0 and partnership of the two countries has become a nice tradition for Tibbo Systems.

At the beginning of September, Victor Polyakov visited German-Russian talks in Baden-Baden and presented our company and IoT platform within the context of the session called “Technology revolution: growth potential and possibilities of partnership with Russia”.

The experts discussed digital innovation in Russia and Germany, technological revolution influence on the countries interaction, possible effects of digitalization, artificial intellect impact on labor-market, etc.

Among the participants of the event were the ex-president of Germany Christian Wulff, BMF Foundation president Dr. Michael Shafer, the former president of German Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations Prof. Klaus Mangold and others.

The event sponsors also carried through a number of informal activities: quests, lunches, and sports meetings. As you know, friendly environment and informal setting encourage productive communication.

Tibbo Systems is an Official Partner of BIS-2017. We’ll Tell You All about the Future of Industry 4.0

Tibbo System is an Official Partner of BIS 2017 Do you know what will happen with Industry 4.0 tomorrow? Or the day after?

Tibbo Systems CEO, Victor Polyakov will tell about it at BIS 2017 International Forum.

Tibbo Systems will become an official partner of the event and present IoT solutions for Industry 4.0.

Learn more about the event on BIS 2017 website.

AggreGate IoT Platform Added to IDC’s IoT Platform Taxonomy

AggreGate IoT Platform added to IDC's IoT Platform Taxonomy This IDC study discusses the IoT Software Platform market and is IDC's inaugural taxonomy defining the scope of the IoT Software Platform market.

While IoT Software Platform architecture varies greatly from vendor to vendor, at a basic level these products connect devices, collect and manage vast amounts of data, and expose new insights to enterprises' back-end systems or to third parties. This IDC taxonomy describes the competitive market framework IDC will use to size and forecast the market opportunity for IoT Software Platforms.

"The IoT Software Platform market has evolved significantly over the past few years but is still a complex and fragmented space," says Stacy Crook, research director, IoT. "IDC believes it is important to define common IoT platform architectures to properly segment and size this crowded market." Carrie MacGillivray, vice president, IDC’s Mobility and Internet of Things teams, adds, "IDC's Software Platform taxonomy will help organizations understand the capabilities that make up an IoT platform as they look to make investment decisions for their current and future IoT deployments."

You can learn the report on the official IDC website.